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Best PS5 Controller 2021: PlayStation Controllers, Fight Sticks, And Racing Wheels

The DualSense is a great PS5 controller, but it's not the only one worth using with Sony's next-gen console.


The PlayStation 5 ships with an incredible new first-party controller, the DualSense, and in 2021, it's undoubtedly the best PS5 controller to own and buy multiples of, especially now that it comes in three different colors. But while compatible third-party PS5 controller options are currently somewhat slim, some of the best PS4 controllers are directly compatible with Sony's next-gen console, while others can be used with backwards compatible PS4 games on PS5.

Whether you're looking for the best PS5 controller for general use (spoiler: It's the DualSense) or options for fighting games, racing games, and streaming Netflix, there are a handful of great controllers we recommend using with the PS5 from reliable brands like Logitech, Razer, and Trustmaster. Though this list will most certainly continue to grow and evolve as we get further into the PS5's lifespan, here are the best PS5 controller options to consider so far. And for more great gamepads, see the best Switch controllers and best Xbox controllers for 2021.

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