Destiny 2: Where To Find Ascendant Alloy

One of the rarest materials in The Witch Queen expansion is well worth farming for, if you want the best weapons in Destiny 2.


Weapon crafting has been introduced in Destiny 2's newest expansion The Witch Queen, allowing for robust customization of gear. To know more about the system, you can read up on it in our Destiny 2 weapon crafting guide.

The main takeaway is that you'll need several resources to shape and reshape weapons, the majority of which are easy to acquire from various world activity sources and extracting the materials from qualifying weapons. But one weapon-crafting resource that is fairly rare is Ascendant Alloy, which is used to craft enhanced perks on guns. Currently, Ascendant Alloy can be found from a handful of sources, and only one makes them easy to get--if you have ample Legendary Shards to burn on them.

Where to find Ascendant Alloy

The best perks cost a lot of Ascendant Alloy
The best perks cost a lot of Ascendant Alloy

Master Rahool

The first and easiest method for obtaining an Ascendant Alloy is from Rahool in the Tower. The Cyptarch master now sells more useful items, including one Ascendant Alloy every week for the eye-watering price of 400 Legendary Shards. To give you an idea of how expensive that is, dismantling one Legendary-class weapon or armor piece will earn you three legendary shards, so you'd need to trash 134 pieces of gear every week to regularly afford the key ingredient for enhancing a weapon perk.


The other source for Ascendant Alloy is the Tower gunsmith Banshee-44, who is located opposite Rahool. Reach rank 16 with this vendor by completing bounties and dismantling gear, and he'll hand over the valuable material.

Savathun's Throne World

After you reach rank 13 in Savathun's Throne World, you'll gain access to a weekly story mission on a harder difficulty. Farm this mission, and an Ascendant Alloy will potentially drop as a reward. At rank 18, you'll be able to take part in a more challenging version of the Wellspring activity, which also occasionally drops an Ascendant Alloy as a reward.

Those are the known methods so far for farming for Ascendant Alloy, so for now it's best to hold onto them until you absolutely do need them. You'll be wanting to save up three of them if you're looking to amplify the power of the new Exotic SMG Osteo Striga, as that gun requires three Ascendant Alloy to unlock its catalyst. It's worth it though, as poison final blows will add ammo back to the SMG's magazine.

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