Elden Ring Guides Hub: Classes, Summons, And More

Here's your one-stop shop for all things Elden Ring, including where to go first and the game's best early weapons.

Elden Ring has arrived, and if you've read the reviews, you're probably planning on jumping into the game for yourself. It's not going to be easy, but neither do you have to bang your head against the wall. We've put hundreds of collective hours into Elden Ring already and have put together this guides hub that should act as your all-in-one link for helpful tips, secrets, and more as you venture across The Lands Between. Bookmark it before you jump in, then follow along as we continue to build it out with more guides in the hours, days, weeks--maybe even months--ahead.

Elden Ring: Which class is best for you?

Your very first move in the game is going to be deciding on a character class. Elden Ring's class list is extensive and varied, with both blatant and more nuanced tweaks that can be the determining factors for all sorts of players. Use our Elden Ring class guide to better understand what each class brings to the table, then pick the one that best suits your play style.


As you pick your character, you'll also need to decide on a Keepsake, which are akin to Gifts in Dark Souls. These early items can be a big boon or a waste of time, so here's a list of the best Keepsakes in Elden Ring.

Stats and leveling explained

Where you pour your skill points is up to you, but there are better or worse ways to do this, so don't waste your vaulable time by making ineffective characters. Read this to better understand stats and leveling in Elden Ring.

Tips for beginners

Once you're in The Lands Between, the world won't wait to hurt you. Take our Elden Ring tips for beginners to ensure you have a greater chance of survival.

What to do and where to go first

From Software games can be extremely dizzying, so we've laid out the optimal route for your first few hours of the game. Here's what to do first in Elden Ring.

Early shortcut in Limgrave

Soulsborne games are famous for their hidden passages that can help you get around the world more easily, and Elden Ring is no exception. Here's how to skip the game's first main boss and arrive in Liurnia early.

Best early weapons

Even the most adept players on the controller won't get far without some deadly weapons of their own. Here's where to find a few choice weapons early in Limgrave, including the coveted Twinblade.

How to upgrade weapons

If you've managed to find some great early weapons, you should seek to make them even better by upgrading them. The process is a bit tricky and easy to miss, so don't miss it!

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Spirit Calling Bell

You can rely on summons to aid you in combat, but not if you miss this early opportunity to find the all-important Spirit Calling Bell. Here's where to find it.

Flasks explained

Elden Ring adds some wrinkles to the familiar flask system From Software players will be familiar with, so it's important to understand what's different and what remains the same. Here's all you need to know about flasks.

Important early items to get

Ashes of War are important character buffs that you can stumble upon to enhance your hero. You'll not want to miss them, so be sure to find a few of the earliest in the game, including Unsheathe, Determination, and Gravitas. Aside from those, you should also be sure to grab your first torch for exploring dark areas, as well as your first map fragment, which acts as a tutorial on how to reveal the map.

Margit The Fell Omen boss battle

Your first mainline boss will be the towering Margit. They're imposing as most monsters in a From game are, but they can be made easier to defeat with a few simple tricks. Here's how to defeat the first boss in Elden Ring.

How to play co-op

Elden Ring can be played fully in co-op, but the system is a bit convoluted--per tradition. Here's how to play Elden Ring in co-op, so you can join friends and make new ones.

How to get a horse

Elden Ring gives players From Software's biggest world yet, so you're best off using your trusty steed whenever it's safe to do so. Here's how to initially receive and eventually summon your horse.

How to two-hand weapons

Two-handing weapons in the right situations can be the deciding factor between life and death. If you're confused about how to use weapons in this way, don't sweat it. Here's how to two-hand weapons, plus an explainer about why you should sometimes consider doing so.

Faster Vagabond rolling

If you chose a Vagabond character, you're going to be saddled with a slower roll ability than most, but there's a quick fix, so don't miss it. Here's how to remove the rolling penalty from your Vagabond hero.

Tree Sentinel boss guide

The Tree Sentinel is an intimidating roaming boss you'll come across early on in the game. if you'd rather face them head-on than run from them over and over, here's how to defeat the Tree Sentinel.

We're not nearly done with Elden Ring coverage. It's the biggest game of the year so far, and it might just end up that way come December, too. Keep it here as we update this hub for all things Elden Ring.

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