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Elden Ring Where To Go First | Beginners Guide

Elden Ring is massive and like other FromSoftware games, it can be challenging. Here a guide on where to go first so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed by area you’re not quite ready for.

So you’ve just stepped foot in Limgrave for the first time and you’re wondering what you should do first. This beginning area of Elden Ring is big and offers lots of things to do as well as secrets to find. With this starter path, you’ll be ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

In this Elden Ring beginner's guide, we’re taking you step by step from your first Site of Grace to your second, third and beyond. We’re giving you some key locations to visit in order to obtain items that will make your time in The Lands Between even more enjoyable and, at times, less challenging. And for those looking for an easier way to explore Elden Ring’s second location, we show a hidden path that does not involve fighting a boss character.

We have a separate video to help you choose which Elden Ring class is right for you, as well as more guide content, so make sure you subscribe to GameSpot on YouTube and check out the written versions on In our Elden Ring review in progress, Tamoor Hussain awarded the game 10/10, calling it "a masterpiece of open-world design that places exploration and player agency at the heart of the experience."