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Xbox Series X Restock Tracker: Check Stock At Major Retailers

We're keeping track of Xbox Series X and Series S restocks at major retailers.


While Xbox Series S stock has stabilized over the past month or so, it's still extremely difficult to find an Xbox Series X. We generally see a few restocks each week, but they are almost always gone within minutes. Sometimes the console is available to purchase by itself, other times it's part of a bundle, and in some cases it's up for grabs via Xbox All Access. This week alone we saw restocks at GameStop, Walmart, and Costco. That should be considered as a big week for restocks, considering they have been less prevalent in 2022. Hopefully this week was a sign that more retailers will have consoles in stock more often. If you're interested in the Xbox Series S, however, the $300 digital-only console has been readily available for purchase all year.

We'll continue to update this article every time a restock pops up. We'd recommend bookmarking this page and checking it frequently. Standalone Series X restocks tend to still sell out in minutes, but bundles generally stay in stock for a bit longer. Sometimes the Series X|S are available via Xbox All Access, a purchasing agreement that lets you pay off the console and a Game Pass subscription in monthly installments ($35 for Series X, $25 for Series S).

Xbox Series X restocks: Retailer listings

Xbox Series S restocks: Retailer listings

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X: Retailer listings

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Recent Xbox Series X restocks

You can find the most recent Xbox Series X restock dates.

  • Walmart: February 24
  • Best Buy: January 11
  • Microsoft Store: October 28
  • Target: January 6
  • Amazon: December 30
  • GameStop: February 18
  • Antonline: February 23
  • Costco: February 24

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